Cassia Weber

New to Omaha, Cassia came across information about Novel Hair while completing transfer training at Xenon. Once she met with the team she fell in love with the warmth and the quiet atmosphere that Novel had to offer. Cassia began her career in South Carolina, continued it in Kansas and completed her training here in Omaha shortly after she and her husband relocated to the city.

Cassia has a desire to help people. One of her most memorable clients was one who hadn’t had a haircut in half a year. This particular client had a scalp condition that left her feeling embarrassed and less than beautiful. Just a simple haircut given with compassion made her feel like herself again.

Cassia springs on every learning opportunity she gets. She has previously taken several cutting classes, Aveda product knowledge, scalp and hair treatments, and styling class and is scheduled to be Aveda certified mid-October. Along with this, she has plans to become more involved in the Aveda ambassador/mentoring program.

Although she hasn’t been here long, Cassia loves the abundance of parks in Omaha and great Korean restaurants, where she can enjoy her favorite food. She loves spending time with her two guinea pig babies; Gnocchi and Pierogi. She hopes one day to road trip to all 48 contiguous United Stages and visit the historic sites and national parks.