Kaleigh Hanson

Like many others, Kaleigh went to cosmetology school to be a hair stylist, but fell in love with the spa side of things. She graduated from Xenon in 2012 with both a hair stylist and esthetician’s license. She chose the smaller Novel Hair Salon and Spa because she knew it would help her grow her skills and career.

Part of balance for Kaleigh includes professional growth. She always has a healthy dose of continuing education in her life. In 2017 she attended her first Spa Show in Chicago. She said it was, “Cool to get other people’s opinions about products and new services to offer in my own catalog”. While there she sat in on some IMAGE product knowledge classes. She even met and attended a class with IMAGE founder, Janna Ronert. It was a celebrity sighting moment for Kaleigh. She can’t wait to go back. In addition, in the past year, she became certified in Dermaplaning and clients have loved it.

She knows she’s made a client happy when she lets them know the service has ended, but they refuse to get off her table. That joy gets doubled when the client emerges from her service room glowing with their dewy fresh, radiantly relaxed face.

When she’s not learning new skills, you might find Kaleigh dreaming of a vacation to Carlsbad California, spending time exploring new restaurants with her Chef boyfriend, or working out. It’s all about Balance.