Lash It Up!

Novel’s Eyelash Extension Artists create customized looks for our guests. Whether you desire volume or thickness, our experts have you covered.

Classic Lashes

Perfect for someone who has a good amount of natural lashes and just wants to enhance the eye by lengthening lashes.

This is a synthetic fiber lash that is attached to the natural lash. The length of the extensions are determined by the integrity and strength of your natural lashes.

Classic Lashes 
Full Set (90 min)$150+
Fill (every 2-3 wk, 45 min)$50+

Volume Lashes

A wonderful alternative for someone who does not have a full natural lash line.
This lash is lighter weight synthetic then the classic and allows technician to attach 3-6 fibers to each of your natural lashes, giving a fuller fluffier lash look.

Volume Lashes 
Full Set (90 min)$185+
Fill (every 2-3 wk, 60 min)$65+

How to prepare for lashes/take care of extensions:

On day of a full set or fill, lash line needs to be clean and free of makeup, dirt and oils.

How to maintain lash extensions:

  • Keeping extensions from getting wet the first 24hours (that’s how long it takes the glue to cure)
  • Wash lashes with appropriate non oil based product ( oil removes extensions)
  • Absolutely no mascara! Mascara builds up on synthetic lashes preventing proper cleaning
  • A lash brushing will be provided so you can properly maintain lashes every day. ( Brushing lashes eliminates pollutants from the lash line that could potentially irritate the eye.) Brushing lashes everyday also keeps lashes separated and fluffed.
  • No tugging rubbing or pulling. The eyelash area is a delicate, being rubbed or tugged makes the lash extensions and natural eyelashes fall out.