Tamra Becker

How many of us have heard the phrase: “Do what you’re passionate about, focus on what matters to you and you will have a career that never feels like work”. For Tamra Becker, it happened sitting in an advanced cutting class on a warm, Summer day in 1998. She thought about that phrase and before long, Novel Hair Salon and Spa was born.

Tamra had already been a part of the beauty industry for a while. She graduated from Capitol school of beauty and cosmetology in 1989 and earned her Instructors license in 1991. Novel Hair Salon and Spa was simply a combination of things she was already good at and loved. The last 19 years have been both frightening and exhilarating as she has watched her business grow from an idea to a one of Omaha’s most sought-after places to work and be pampered.

Tamra’s personal values of authenticity, learning, humor, growth, and optimism are deeply embedded in Novel Hair; from the products used to create beautiful hairstyles and newly fresh skin, to the daily business decisions that keep Novel Hair moving forward in the ever-changing beauty field, to helping grow her team as professionals and as people who make their own dreams come true.

Although work takes up most of her time, Tamra loves to spend time with her husband, children and grandchildren creating meals, watching movies, reading, and enjoying game night. One of her big goals is to take 45 days to walk the El Camino trail in Spain.